How Often Are F-Tags F755-F761 Cited?

I did a recent review of pharmacy services deficiencies given the recent change in F-tag numbering.  I reviewed 47 long term care facilities in the state of Minnesota.  These 47 facilities had a total of 49 pharmacy services deficiencies. I’ve giving free access to the entire PDF handout to subscribers.  You can get your digital copy by signing up for blog updates by following this link. The new numbering of the pharmacy services tags does make a little more sense in that they are continuous.  In my 30+ minutes webinar, I breakdown my findings from my research which will give you a sense of how often each of the pharmacy services f-tags are cited.  F-tags reviewed:

  • F-755
  • F-756
  • F-757
  • F-758
  • F-759
  • F-760
  • F-761

In the image above, you can see the frequency of each tag.  F-758 is the most popular tag.  In the video and with the PDF, I also breakdown percentages of each tag as well as which medications (or medication classes) are the most frequently cited.

There are also numerous case examples of f-tags throughout the webinar to help guide you as to how to best focus your efforts at trying to avoid these pharmacy services deficiencies.  Hope you find the presentation valuable and reach out if questions or comments!

Eric Christianson, PharmD, BCGP, BCPS

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